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About Tree Bites

We are a small, ethical company, baking home-made vegan dog treats, from our kitchen in the lovely city of Worcester. The business started because of our own difficulty in buying dog treats that were healthy for our wonderful rescue dogs, Luna and Alonso; and which were a compassionate choice for other animals. The vegan choices out there were minimal, and generally contained wheat, soy, corn or peanuts. Luna loves her food, but due to her little white ears and feet, is susceptible to allergens. Tree Bites don’t contain any of those ingredients, just vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit, with added non-wheat flour and basil.


Product Details

Tree-bites are made from healthy vegetables and fruit, with non-wheat flour

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Our Values

We are an entirely vegan company. Our family has been thriving on a vegan diet for many years, that includes Luna and her brother Alonso. Luna has boundless energy and no one believes that she is nearly 8 years old! Alonso was in a Spanish rescue centre for his first two years, he is a massive pup who has never grown up. Training him to come when called has been tricky with other treats, but he can sniff out Tree Bites whenever we have them. Recall is getting easier!

Much as we love our dogs, compassion toward all animals is essential to us. We chose a vegan diet for ourselves, in order to do least harm to all animals. We can see how healthy and happy our dogs are, by their glossy coats, bright eyes and wagging tails. Their vegan dog cousin, Maggie is a rescue dog too, she has been thriving on her plant-based diet for years and loves Tree Bites. Alonso’s little best friend Lola doesn’t have a vegan diet at home, but is very keen on Tree Bites – nearly as keen as she is on Alonso! Why choose cruelty when you can choose kindness? The animals will thank you for choosing cruelty-free and the planet will thank you for reducing your carbon pawprint!

Tree with Small Dog
Lonz and Small Dog

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