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Sweet potato and apple range… Yum!

As a new company, we have started out with one really tasty, home-made biscuit recipe, made of sweet potato and apple, these contain vitamins A, B6 and C, and also dietary fibre, amino acids, antioxidants and beta-carotene, which help with digestion.  The decision to never use wheat, soy, corn or peanuts was made, so that these treats are far less likely to upset canine stomachs, for those dogs who are a little more sensitive. As a result, we use white and brown rice flour, with added gram flour and coconut flour (which both contain more protein than wheat flour). We then throw in some basil, which is rich in antioxidants, with antiviral properties. We will be launching a new range soon – carrot and ginger – these will of course be vegan and wheat-free too.

The biscuits are low-calorie and small enough to take a handful with you when you go on your dog walks, they don’t crumble in your pocket either! They are perfect for training, providing that small but tasty reward that dogs keep coming back for.

We also sell bags of dehydrated sweet potato, peeled and sliced – no skin (vegetable or animal!) in sight. These are a fantastic alternative to animal-hide chews, they have no additives, just healthy sweet potato. Our dogs love them.

“With 80 low-calorie treats in each compostable pouch, they go a long way in rewarding and training your dog. I should know – I didn’t used to have any recall at all – I am now learning to come when called – as long as there’s a Tree Bite waiting for me!”  –  Alonso


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