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Is a vegan diet suitable for dogs?

Can dogs digest vegan food?2022-01-04T09:40:57+00:00

The animal behaviour specialist, Steve Dale explains that dogs are not wolves; dogs are omnivores not carnivores, and have three genes that wolves do not have, these genes help dogs digest starch. As long as a dog’s diet is healthy, it can be meat and dairy-free.

Do dogs miss meat and dairy?2022-01-04T09:40:24+00:00

Our dogs are part of our family, their happiness and wellbeing is vital to us. They get so excited at meal times and treat times and their diet is all nutritionally-balanced vegan food. I see, on a daily basis, how dogs thrive on a well-balanced vegan diet. Our dogs are full of energy, with glossy coats and are both at a perfect weight for their size.

Is a vegan diet really good for them though?2022-01-04T09:41:21+00:00

The Vegan magazine describes the potential longevity of vegan dogs in an article: “Bramble, a vegan collie in the UK, lived to the age of 25 and is recognized as one of the longest-living dogs in the Guinness Book of World Records. Her guardian, Anne Heritage, has raised seven vegan dogs, and five of them lived past 19 years old”

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